Protecting to Preserve
Our Mission

Historic Properties of Greenwich (HPG) promotes the permanent protection of qualified historic structures through Local Historic Property designation.


Protecting to Preserve

Historic Properties of Greenwich will promote and assist in the creation of the strongest form of protection a historic structure can receive. HPG will be solely devoted to this critical aspect of preservation.

  • HPG will assist property owners to secure their lasting legacy by designating their historic home a Local Historic Property.
  • HPG will promote the benefits of the Local Historic Property designation.
  • HPG will advocate for Local Historic Property incentives.

Over the years, Greenwich’s historic resources have been acknowledged or addressed in various ways: through the preparation of National Register nominations; inclusion in historic resource inventories; documented and designated as Greenwich Historic Landmarks by the Greenwich Historical Society; acquisition by the Town of significant properties, and advocacy by local interest groups. These public and private efforts have accomplished a number of important preservation goals over the past twenty years, but there is a sense that more can and needs to be achieved. Greenwich continues to lose historic resources to development and in the absence of an overall historic preservation plan, preservation activities are largely administered and conducted on an ad hoc basis by a variety of groups.

The recent rate of teardowns has reached a crescendo, and we fear that Greenwich is losing its classic New England tone and appearance. Historic Properties of Greenwich was formed to assist those who are interested in safeguarding their homes and joining the close to 50 homeowners who have already committed to protecting their property for generations to come.

The creation of HPG will complement the Town of Greenwich’s existing preservation and conservation organizations by providing a singular activity thus allowing others to focus upon general preservation advocacy and education.

  • HPG believes that having numerous local historic properties allows all residents of Greenwich to share in the town’s heritage.
  • While Greenwich has hundreds of eligible historic structures, there is no specific organization specifically dedicated towards assisting local historic property homeowners.
  • Continued use of historic buildings reduces resource and material consumption, puts less waste in landfills, and consumes less energy than demolishing buildings and constructing new ones.

Historic Properties of Greenwich is a 501(c)3 organization.


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Elise Hillman Green

Elise Hillman Green resides in a Local Historic Property on Taconic Road that dates back to 1750.  The property is further protected by a Greenwich Land Trust (GLT) easement on the land. She is currently on the boards of the Greenwich Land Trust and the Greenwich Teen Center at Arch Street and was previously chair of the Greenwich Academy Alumnae Board and president of the Junior League of Greenwich (JLG).  She has been active with Christ Church, the Greenwich Preservation Trust, Greenwich Country Day School and Greenwich Academy.Her professional career was in the hotel industry and residential real estate.

Russell S. Reynolds Jr.

Russell S. Reynolds Jr. is descended from an old farming family in Greenwich dating back to 1645. He and his wife Debbie live in an historic home on Taconic Road that was built in 1848 as the Parsonage of the Stanwich Congregational Church. They restored the house and then formed the Stanwich Historic District  comprising 16 properties located on Taconic Road between the old Stanwich church and North Stanwich Road. Russ is a member of the Advisory Board of the Greenwich Historical Society and has served on the board of directors several times. He is a former Trustee of Mystic Seaport Museum, and Chaired the Capital campaign of Greenwich Hospital twice as Head of its development committee. He is President of the American Friends of the Mary Rose,  which built a museum housing the remains of the famous Tudor ship which sank in1545 off  of the coast of Portsmouth England. He is the former CEO and founder of Russell Reynolds Associates and currently Chairman of RSR Partners.

Anne H. Young

Anne H. Young has been involved in a variety of Greenwich’s preservation organizations as member and former Chair, Historic District Commission and Executive Board Director, Greenwich Preservation Trust. Previously with degrees in Archives and Library Science, Anne has worked in Special Collections at the Frick Art Reference Library, Greenwich Historical Society, Knoedler Gallery, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Save Venice and Dia Art Foundation. She also acted as research editor for the upcoming Jasper Johns Drawings Catalogue Raisonne. She currently serves on the Committee on Public Exhibitions for the Grolier Club where she has been a member since 2009.


Elise and Anne have been friends since they were classmates at GCDS and GA and are excited to be able to work together on this project.  They attended GCDS with Russ Reynolds’ daughter, Chase.


“We are second generation LHP homeowners. I grew up in the house and could never imagine that someone would ever want to demolish it. When my mother considered protecting this special property, my brother and I supported her wish to do so knowing that not only was she saving history but also leaving us a legacy of her own. Today I am raising my family in a magical setting that instills in them the unique joys of owning a piece of Greenwich’s history. Truly we are the stewards for the future generations”.

– Owners Stoneybooke

“We welcomed the opportunity to join our neighbors when the Stanwich Road Local Historic District was created. It gives us great satisfaction knowing that this unique historic area will be protected for years to come”.

– Owners Nathaniel Ferris House

“An old house has charm that you can’t duplicate or build. I would hate to see this house demolished which is why I chose to protect it”.

– Owner Gershom Lockwood III House